I knew the risks of starting my own business— most fail within the first year— but taking the risks looked better to me than flipping burgers. I started Kozai Custom Cleaning and started cold calling every business on Alma School Rd. between Riggs Rd. and Baseline Rd. looking for clients. It actually paid off! I started cleaning work for several doctors and dentists in the area. Slowly but surely my financial hardships started to become lighter.

When I got a job cleaning a construction trailer for the U.S. Army Reserves, I got an idea for how to develop my company: Provide a great cleaning service for both the private and government sector. This required me to maintain a high visual standard if I didn’t want another larger cleaning company coming and taking my jobs. As always, with growth in companies comes hardships. It was very difficult finding reliable employees as we continued to grow. It was also very challenging to keep our pricing competitive yet profitable. One of the biggest hurtles to overcome was simply figuring out what worked and what didn’t. What ended up being mine and the companies success was finding the right team to help it grow.

Now, fifteen years later, we have grown from me on my hands and knees cleaning some trailer to a business with forty-five employees. We clean for large commercial clients as well as for government agencies. We are able to serve in three states: Arizona, Utah, and Texas. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy starting my business but I wasn’t ready for just how difficult it can be. But businesses, like people, aren’t defined by their fail and fall. They’re defined by how they get back up.

Preventing Security Concerns

Ensuring that your facility will be safe starts before the janitorial team even enters the building. There are specific protocols that should be observed to keep security concerns at a minimum. In addition to bolstering your confidence in the cleaning company, it will also eliminate possible internal security risks from the start.

• Detailed Background Checks— This is the bare minimum that a janitorial service should do to procure truly top-notch employees. A background check will help sift out the people whose intentions are less-than-noble and put forward the people who have been honest and law-abiding.
• Intensive Training— When the janitorial service lays out the security protocol before they allow new-hires to work in a client’s facility, they set the expectation for prioritizing safety and security.
• Utilize Uniforms and IDs— Ensuring that the cleaners are easily identifiable is yet another way that a janitorial service can display their commitment to safety and security. Uniforms and prominently displayed ID badges will help clients feel more comfortable when they encounter the cleaners.
• Bonded and Insured Services— Should the worst occur, and an employee of the janitorial service damages a client’s property or steals from a client, bonding and ensuring the services available will guarantee that the client will be reimbursed without costing the janitorial company a lot of money.

Issues That Create Security Concerns

There are certain problems that janitorial services face that exacerbate potential security concerns.

Employee Turnover - Unfortunately, the cleaning industry is rife with high employee turnover, and this can have a big impact on your building’s security. If there’s a revolving door of workers—people who have access to your building and a mental map of your building’s layout—there’s a greater chance of a significant security breach occurring.

In addition to jeopardizing your building’s security, high employee turnover can also cost your business big. It’s not cheap to hire and train new employees, so the janitorial service will have to pass the costs related to bringing new-hires aboard on to their customers eventually. You might find that you’re paying more for lower quality and a bigger security risk.

Language Barrier - Many cleaning services employee people who don’t speak English well (or even at all). That’s not to say that these people won’t be model employees who will be a valued part of the team for years to come; however, if there’s a significant language barrier, it’s possible that the very important security protocol the service has put into place will not be effectively conveyed.

Ask your service how they handle training employees who aren’t native English speakers. Ideally, they’ll have a multi-lingual option in place to ensure that every employee has a clear understanding of the expectations of the job.

Failure to Create a Building Entry Protocol

Every building has its own method for security; some use physical keys, others use access cards, and some use a keypad system that requires a specific code for every employee. It’s vital that you communicate with your janitorial service to create a plan for their entry.

Say, for instance, that your building is locked at 6 pm; if an employee wants access to the building, they’ll need to arrive before it’s locked or they won’t get in until morning. You could require your janitorial service to arrive prior to 6 pm, and once they arrive they will use a key you gave them to access the janitorial closet.

Within that closet, there will be a lockbox that contains the keys to the locked doors throughout the building. The cleaners will be able to get into every area, and when they’re done for the night, they simply put the keys back in the lockbox, lock the janitorial closet, and exit the building. There’s no need to give anyone access to the building, keeping everything secure.

Some buildings have alarm systems; it’s the building manager’s responsibility to train the janitorial service to use the alarm and what to do should they accidentally dispatch the police to the location. Some alarm systems use one code for everyone, some have the ability to assign codes to individuals so they know who is coming and going and at what times.

Understanding HIPAA

If your business is in the healthcare or medical field, you know that there are ironclad standards for security that must be met by anyone who works within your walls. Certain information must be safely locked away, and if the janitorial service is not properly trained in how to clean without violating the protocol related to HIPAA, you could be subjected to fines and potentially even jail time.

Engaging a janitorial service that prioritizes your building’s safety by addressing security concerns before they begin the work.  Commercial Custodial Services high standards for hiring and commitment to proper training reflect our emphasis on customer service. Contact us today to learn more about the CCS difference. 

Communication is an important aspect in every relationship, especially within the business. For Commercial Custodial Services and the commercial cleaning industry, communication keeps our Arizona cleaning services as efficient as possible. We complete all of our Arizona cleaning services within various workplaces and in many different languages. With respect to everyday business practices, we’ve found that there are two sides to our communication – with our customers and with our commercial cleaning technicians.

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Why it is important to screen your future custodial staff?

What kind of issues would prevent repeat customers? The top five reasons cited all have to do with the cleanliness, or lack of, the facility:
• 86% – Dirty surfaces (e.g. tables, chairs, booths, dust on décor, dust bunnies on floors)
• 85% – General bad odor
• 80% – Dirty restrooms
• 72% – Dirty or slippery floors
• 70% – Entryway cleanliness (e.g. cigarette butts, overflowing trash cans, messy appearance)
Keeping a clean restaurant, especially the front of the house free of dirt and restrooms spotless and fresh, can be easy with a quality commercial cleaning service like our restaurant cleaning service. We have customized cleaning services that can fit any budget. Find out more today!

Customer communication includes many different avenues. Commercial Custodial Services  has field auditors who visit customers every day of the week to find dirt and areas in need of cleaning services. This puts a face to the commercial cleaning crews who usually work at night when no one is in the facility. Many of our clients are visual evaluators and so we look in every corner, under every piece of furniture and paper to find dust particles. This gives our customers a chance to either say “you missed something” or “you are doing a great job”.

For example, if a trash can is missed in a back office, the commercial cleaning crew can get it the next time they are scheduled to provide cleaning services. But, if a trash can is missed in a restaurant restroom, we will go take care of it immediately. A restaurant does not want to open its doors with a full trash can in the restroom.

Among our commercial cleaning staff, we have a team member call and ask our clients how their cleaning services from Commercial Custodial Services are going. We also use an online system that our customers can access via computer, phone, or Ipads and gives us feedback instantly. If a customer sends a message, the message goes to all staff members’ computers, Ipads, and phones. The message is then stored, documented, and addressed. This system also documents inspections and phone calls. Without proper communication between our clients and our Commercial Custodial Services  staff, we are working in the dark, when our goal is to make your space as bright and clean as possible.

When you start the search for a company that will handle the day-to-day cleaning of your building, security concerns might not even cross your mind. After all, if you hire professionals, they’ll have protocols in place to keep your building and everything within it safe, right? Not necessarily.

A janitorial service has access to just about every nook and cranny of your building, and they often work after traditional work hours when there’s no one around.  Before you decide to sign with a service, do a little vetting to determine their commitment to security. You should hold your cleaning service to high standards in all ways, but security must be at the top of the list. 

How to Handle Security Concerns With Your Janitorial Services Company 

How it all Began

Some other important things to consider when hiring cleaning services in Phoenix, Chandler or surrounding areas are as follows:

– An important thing to consider while hiring cleaning services of Gilbert or Phoenix is to compare prices and services offered by each company. While a company may offer cheap prices, you should consider what products they are using and how often they would be coming by to clean your office.
– Ask for references to see how a cleaning company has performed in the past. Any good cleaning services of or Phoenix should have a great track record of keeping offices clean while being reliable and reasonably priced. You also want to see if they can clean an office specifically for people with chemical sensitivity issues.
– Make sure the cleaning services in Phoenix or Gilbert you want to hire brings all the materials and equipment needed to clean your office. This is especially important for offices because there are a lot of places that need to be cleaned that can be hard to reach without equipment like extended dusting equipment. If they do not have all the equipment needed, they should charge less.
– Make sure the cleaning service company you hire provides multiple cleaning services required for your office. Double checking saves you time, money and from dealing with the issues of various service providers.

The tips above will ensure that you are hiring a good cleaning service.

​​Commercial Custodial Services

Communication in our Business

A clean restaurant is the best place to eat! 

It’s very important to keep your office clean because a clean office creates a positive impression on visitors, helps keep away illness and also adds to the beauty of your space. Unfortunately, cleaning a workplace may become a tiresome and time-consuming task. This is the reason why you should hire a professional cleaning service. Cleaning professionals make sure that your office is always clean after they are done.

Great food, coupons, and loyalty cards are all excellent ways to generate repeat customers in the restaurant industry. However, a culinary school-trained chef and punch-card won’t help bring customers back if your restaurant is dirty and smelly.

A recent survey conducted by Harris Poll asked 2,034 U.S. adults to identify what issues would keep them from returning to a restaurant. A staggering 97% of those polled stated they would most likely not return to a restaurant if they experienced an issue with the facility.​

My name is Travis Kozai, I am the owner of Commercial Custodial Services. I wanted to share my story of how this all began. This company means a lot to me because of our beginnings and success that my employees and I have had together.  I became motivated to look for extra income in late-2002. I was switching from working at the Chandler Police Department to working at the Chandler Fire Department and taking $30,000 pay cut. My wife was laid off from her job shortly thereafter, further compounding the problem.  I knew I needed a second job and I had enough spare time to invest in something, the question was what?